Ground Beams vs. Plinth Beams: Which Is Better To Use in Commercial Buildings?

Ground Beams vs. Plinth Beams: Which Is Better To Use in Commercial Buildings?

Piling techniques are something modern architecture could hardly do without. Beams are an alternative to traditional foundations – they are the shoulders that carry the weight of roofs, ceilings and floors.

These horizontal members are a go-to in situations when the base layer of soil gets too weak to support an existing structure (which occurs through natural causes or faulty construction) or in the case of extending high rise buildings.

The most common way of linking piles together is through using ground beams. As their name suggests, you will usually find ground beams at the foundational level. These beams are made of concrete, a material that allows them to take a large variety of shapes and dimensions, making them versatile and ready to fulfil specific requirements of different projects. They are easy to construct and build upon, efficient when it comes to their installation and reasonable prices.

Another notable example from the wide range of beam types is plinth beams. Plinth beams are located on what is known as the plinth level. You would find this superstructure just below the building’s floor, usually in between 150 and 450 mm above ground level. They are made from strong materials, but not necessarily reinforced concrete, as we saw with ground beams.

Not only do plinth beams support the building’s dead load; they also block moisture and dampness from entering the building through the ground and the walls. Plinth beams can multitask as well, helping connect the columns and walls the way a tie beam would do, acting as an antidote to foundational cracks or breakage.

While ground beams are amazing helpers in areas where the land is swampy and unstable, plinth beams might just be the best choice if reducing differential settlement in the structure is something you need to consider.

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