Benefits of Hiring Mini Piling Contractors

Benefits of Hiring Mini Piling Contractors

A building will never be stable without a deep structural base. Whether it be a new construction altogether or renovations of an already existing house, piling is sure to be involved.

This underpinning technique essentially prevents constructions from collapsing by inserting wood, metal or concrete materials into the ground’s soil, making the foundations more stable.

Generally speaking, piling is a go-to in situations where the original foundations aren’t strong enough. This can happen due to soil subsidence or wrong architectural design. Natural causes (like earthquakes, floods, or drought) are also known to move and destabilise structures. Other times, foundations may simply need a bit of strengthening before adding more storeys to a building or changing it otherwise.

One of the most common methods of foundation strengthening is mini piling. This method is just like the old-fashioned piling technique, only made lighter and more convenient. Mini piling has gained much popularity for its versatility as well as time- and cost-efficiency.

An obvious advantage of mini piles is their modest proportions, allowing this underpinning technique to be used in highly restricted spaces. Their small size and lightweight quality make mini piles a great alternative to traditional ones, especially in places with weight allowance limitations. Conventional piles may prove unusable in difficult ground conditions or inside areas with limited headroom.

Mini piling is also much less disruptive – quieter, as it generates fewer vibrations, and environmentally friendlier due to lower emission of fumes. Power packs can assist with further noise reduction, making mini piling a great option for construction works in confined areas with sound restrictions. Mini piles make an excellent choice for poor ground conditions, as their use does not require soil removal or excavation.

Lightweight piles are often the most cost-effective solution that caters to all kinds of limitations – restricted space, noise concerns, environmental issues or difficult ground conditions.

At BSB Piling & Underpinning Ltd, we offer a wide range of construction services – from the design and construction of ground beams to a wide range of underpinning techniques, including piling methods for foundations. If quality work grounded in years of experience sounds like your cup of tea, why not choose us to be your groundworks contractor? Our experts collaborate with architects, authorities, engineers and loss adjusters to make sure your construction project requirements are fulfilled to perfection. Don’t hesitate to message us at or give us a call at 01392 986198 or 0207 101 4487.

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