Home Extensions in the UK: 10 Things to Know Before You Start

Home Extensions in the UK: 10 Things to Know Before You Start

Planning your home extension can be as daunting as it is exciting. With that in mind, here are 10 things you should know before you start your project:


An outlined budget will give contractors, consultants and architects guidelines to work towards. Without a realistic budget, projects can quickly grow out of control.

Future value

Remember, you want the amount of money you spend on the project to be in proportion to the value you’re adding to your house.

Have a look at houses in your area that have also had home extensions to understand local property values.

Living on Site

You will save money on accommodation by living on site and it can help with clarity and communication.

However, your constant presence may hinder builders as they work. Living amidst a building project can also be unpleasant.

Time frame

Make sure you have a realistic timeframe for your project. A lot of time will be spent on surveying, design, planning and getting approval to build. The process begins long before any building can be started.


Communication is critical for any large project. At BSB Concrete Formation Services we work closely with project owners and developers to guarantee needs are met, and are able to adapt and offer alternative solutions if required.

Room Specific Considerations

Certain home extensions require a consideration of aspects like plumbing and electrics. For instance, if you are extending your kitchen, you need to confirm the position of your units, cooker, and similar features, before work begins.

Health and Safety

Make sure any companies and individuals hired to work on your extension adhere to professional standards and practices.

The Big Picture

Your focus will be on your extension, but don’t forget the rest of your property. A new kitchen won’t look as nice if it leads onto a neglected garden. Allocate part of your budget and time to maintain and improve other areas of your home.

The Neighbours

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 outlines a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings.

Choosing the Right People

It’s crucial you choose the right companies to work on your home extension.

At BSB Concrete Formation Services we work with local authorities, architects, consultant engineers, and loss adjusters. We also provide services that include piling, mini piling, underpinning, groundworks and ground beams.

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