Essential documents for piling foundations

Foundations of a multi-storey building

Essential documents for piling foundations

Piling foundations might sit in the biggest hole your company has ever dug, so it is absolutely necessary to get them right. ‘Piled’ foundations consist of foundations with a depth more than three times their breadth. But there are a lot of options out there. Take a look at our top tips for choosing the best solution for your company.

Making the choice

Piling is probably the most flexible method for improving a building’s strength. Whether the properties are domestic or commercial, piling is fast becoming the method of choice. This is because it works elegantly and efficiently to transfer the building load to earth at a great depth. However, they need expert installation. This means the priority when making your choice is to start with a company who will make your needs top of their list. BSB concrete services, for example, are underpinning contractors with decades of expertise in the area of piling. They offer a bespoke service that takes into account your specific requirements and delivers a piling solution that suits you.


Piling might be the solution whether you are looking at a commercial building or a domestic one. It is possible to use piling to strengthen a building’s foundations even to solve problems in existing buildings, like subsidence or heave. In particular, if you have encountered weaker soil on your site, and need to drive through it to more robust earth underneath, then piling may be a more suitable solution. It is worth having a chat to an adviser to see if this is the case: we can help diagnose existing problems, so get in touch to see how we can help.

Mini Piling

Mini piles have a much slimmer diameter and a hollow steel shaft which enables concrete or grout to be poured through to make the pile. This is an elegant solution if you are short on space. In particular, it negates the need for extra supports, even in weak soil, and capitalises on the architectural strength of your building.

Lastly, it is essential that your piling solution is developed in line with your buildings exact specifications, so make sure that the underpinning contractors you use are able to take a look at your specific project. Contact BSB now for a bespoke service. x

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