How To Prevent Structural Foundation Problems

how to prevent structural foundation problems - bsb concrete services

How To Prevent Structural Foundation Problems

Foundations are the single most essential component of any structure. Any damage can potentially lead to tilting or even sinking. This can make it too dangerous for the building to be occupied. Sadly, even hiring reliable piling contractors during construction cannot guarantee that this will not happen.

To prevent costly foundation woes, it is important to perform regular maintenance on your new build home, domestic extension or commercial structure. Solutions such as underpinning can help significantly, along with the following tips:

Extend Downspouts and Install Drains

If your downspouts discharge water along your structure, they can cause the soil beneath to degrade, leading damage to the foundations. To avoid this, extend your downspouts at least 10 feet away from the foundations and from other vulnerable areas surrounding them. Having underground drains or French drains can also help carry off the pooling water.

Gently Sloped Landscaping

We all know that water runs downhill, which is why structures are usually located at the highest point of a site. However, digging for utilities or landscaping can create a negative grading, which can direct storm water towards your building’s foundations. Since you do not want the rainwater to collect under your property, make sure that your landscaping shapes the earth in your yard in such a way that the water is diverted away from the walls of the structure.

Keep Tree Roots Away From the Structure

Although water poses the most risk to foundations, some experience structural damage due to large tree roots. If you have planted trees or shrubs near your property, their roots can expand and may push into the entire area, including the foundations. To prevent this from happening, plant deep-rooted trees and shrubs away from the structure.

Repair Cracks Immediately

If you see any significant damage to your foundations, the best solution is to call a construction specialist that can assess the problem and make the necessary repairs. Your local building expert will take care of the problem and will advise you on how you can keep your foundations in a good condition.

BSB Concrete Services is a reputable company that provides a high standard of service to clients ranging from private homeowners, through to major building contractors. We specialise in piling, underpinning, groundworks, as well as building and foundations. If you are building a family home, a commercial project or an apartment block, please contact us to request an initial site visit and a free quote.

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